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With real ear measurement, we gather essential data on how sound behaves in your ear canal.

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Real Ear Measurement (REM) is a process that we believe is the key to unlocking the full potential of hearing aids, ensuring that they perform at their best for each unique individual. With real ear measurement, we gather essential data on how sound behaves in your ear canal, allowing us to modify your sound prescription to your ears. Other names for Real Ear Measurement are ‘Real Ear Measures’, ‘Real Ear Verification’ and ‘Live Speech Mapping’.

Despite its critical role in personalized fittings, real ear measurement is estimated to be used in only about 25% to 40% of hearing aid fittings. At Port Jefferson Hearing, it is a foundational component of our service—because your comfort and the effectiveness of your hearing solution are our top priorities. Whether you're a first-time user or seeking to optimize your current hearing aids, real ear verification goes beyond basic prescription—it personalizes it.

We'll take you through the steps involved in real ear measurement to demonstrate how we tailor the capabilities of your hearing devices to meet your specific needs. By committing to this process, we ensure that the prescription is not just a standard setting but an accurate reflection of how you interact with the world around you in your day-to-day life.

The Importance of Real Ear Measurements in Customizing Hearing Aid Performance

REM goes beyond a simple verification technique—it's a bridge that connects the technology of hearing aids to the intricate individuality of your hearing experience. At the heart of REM lies the ability to customize a hearing aid's output to your specific hearing profile, something that generic "first-fits" simply cannot match.

The process of REM involves the precise placement of a probe microphone in your ear canal, allowing me to measure the sound pressure level where it matters most: at your eardrum. Here’s what makes real ear measurement so crucial:

  1. Individualized Hearing Aid Programming: Your ear canal's unique shape and size can  influence how sound is transmitted to your eardrum. Without REM, generic “first fit” programming may overlook these critical factors, potentially leading to suboptimal hearing aid performance.
  2. Enhanced Clinic Efficiency: By utilizing REM, we often see a reduction in the need. for follow-up appointments and adjustments. This is because hearing aids programmed with REM are more likely to be set correctly on the first try, saving valuable time for both the patient and the practice.
  3. Increased Patient Satisfaction: There's a direct correlation between REM and patient satisfaction. When hearing aids are fine-tuned to the individual's hearing loss, there's an increase in overall comfort and effectiveness, resulting in happy patients who trust our services.

The beauty of REM lies in its ability to deliver real-world results. By accurately replicating the sounds of your environment during the measurement process, REM provides a clear and honest representation of how well your hearing aids perform in daily situations. It's about creating a true-to-life listening experience that meets the demands of your lifestyle.

To put it simply, REM is the cornerstone of personalized, effective hearing aid use. It’s an essential tool in my arsenal, one that helps protect your residual hearing by preventing over-amplification and ensuring that the delicate balance of sound is maintained. Additionally, regular adjustments through REM take into account the natural changes that occur in your ear over time, indicating our commitment to your auditory well-being throughout your hearing journey. With REM, you’ll not only hear the difference, but you’ll also feel a newfound confidence in the way you connect with the world around you.

Steps Involved in Real Ear Measurement

Our journey to achieving the best possible hearing aid performance continues with a deep dive into the specific steps of the real ear measurement (REM) process. This pivotal assessment remains one of the most effective methods I utilize as an audiologist to ensure that your hearing aids are not just amplifying sound but are doing so in a way tailored specifically to your ears.

  1. Prepare the Patient: The first step at our clinic involves a thorough examination of your ear canal called an otoscopy. This is crucial to check for any contraindications such as wax build-up or eardrum perforations. Following this, we calibrate the REM probe tubes—a delicate procedure that sets the stage for accurate measurements. Next, we insert the probe tube itself into your ear canal, positioning beyond the speaker to achieve precise readings.
  2. Measure and Adjust to Target: After preliminary checks are completed, we proceed to the most critical part of the REM process - turning on your hearing aids, then measuring the Real Ear Aided Response (REAR). Utilizing the manufacturer’s fitting software, we can then adjust the amplification levels to align perfectly with your personalized prescription.
  3. Sound and Speech Testing: We don't stop at simple beeps and tones. By using stimuli close to real-world sounds, such as speech signals, we can validate that the hearing aids provide comfort and clarity across the diverse auditory landscape you'll encounter. These tests are fundamental to determining the most comfortable and effective settings for each ear.

Through this comprehensive approach, what is real ear measurement becomes more than a standard procedure—it transforms into an invaluable tool in our quest for perfecting hearing aid prescription. Utilizing state-of-the-art software heightens the efficiency of fitting, allowing us to cater to your precise needs and preferences, which studies have shown, lead to a better outcome than relying on predictive models.

By adopting real ear measurement as standard in our programming protocol, we remove the guesswork and base your hearing aid settings on concrete, objective data. This commitment to accuracy and excellence reflects our core belief that your satisfaction and comfort are paramount. As we embrace and utilize the latest advancements in REM technology, we continue to push the boundaries, ensuring our clients receive nothing but the absolute best in hearing care.

Real Ear Measurement in Port Jefferson

In summary, real ear measurement is a vital component in customizing hearing aid performance to each individual's unique auditory profile. Throughout this article, we've discussed the importance of REM, the precision it brings to tailoring device output, and the steps involved in ensuring hearing aids are optimized for real-world use. By embracing this scientific approach, audiologists like myself can offer patients the highest level of satisfaction and auditory accuracy, reflecting the profound commitment to enhancing the quality of their hearing experience.

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