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"I have been a patient at PJ Hearing for over 20 years.  Without question, they have helped me through difficult times with my hearing by supplying me with the latest hearing technology and the best care.  I recommend them without hesitation."

Earbud Hearing Aids

Signia ACTIVE X - Hearing Aids that Look Like Earbuds

In Our Port Jefferson NY Offices – Try Them At Home Risk Free

Come see the first-of-its-kind Bluetooth hearing aids that look like cool earbuds! The modern earbud design lets user pop them in and out as needed or wear them all day. Designed for “life on the go” these hearing aids offer pocket-sized portable rechargeability and Bluetooth connectivity. The devices deliver speech clarity in challenging situations, even when moving, without the stigma sometimes attached to hearing aids.

Signia Active X Earbuds

ACTIVE X Earbud Hearing Aids – Key Features

  • Portable rechargeability with pocket sized case
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity - pair with mobile phones & TVs
  • Speech clarity on crowded streets, offices, busy restaurants
  • Two models, Signia Active and Signia Active Pro based on hearing loss
  • Color combinations of white and rose gold, black and silver, or all-black
  • Signia app (iOS and Android), wearers have access to hearing aid controls
  • Face Mask Mode for better speech understanding through masks
  • From Signia, a world-wide leader in hearing technology
  • Same Day Fittings
  • Discounted price range with full service $1,995- $3,995 per set

Signia Active and PRO Price Chart

Signia Active Price Chart

Difference Between Earbud Hearing Aids and Earbuds

Consumer earbuds simply play back sound content. Over-the-counter hearable devices will amplify ALL of the sounds in your environment – unwanted noise and speech. Neither of these devices may be programmed to optimize for your unique hearing needs. Signia Active X is a high-tech programmable hearing aid that's perfectly tailored -and custom programmed by our audiologist- for your hearing loss. That means better speech recognition without the unwanted noise. All in a modern earbud form with a choice of cool colors.

The Port Jefferson Difference – Try Before You Buy

All hearing aids are fit a by our Doctor of Audiology in our Port Jefferson, NY offices. We have been here since 1984. We have a unique, “try before you buy” policy. Here is how it works:

  • Make Your Appointment
  • Earbud Hearing Aids Custom Programmed for You
  • We Show You How to Use Them
  • Take Home Your Hearing Aids, Try in Your Own Environment
  • No Deposit – No Commitment
  • You Decide to Keep or Return Your Hearing Aids
  • See Details Here

At Port Jefferson Hearing we want our patients to choose the most discreet hearing aid for their needs. Come compare models like the tiny Silk IIC or CIC models with over the ear hearing instruments.

Hearing Aid Trials With No Financial Obligation

At Port Jefferson Hearing we believe the only way to know which hearing aid is right for you is to experience the benefits in your day-to-day life. That is why we created a hassle-free, no pressure process that truly puts you in the drivers seat.