Comprehensive Hearing Tests

Comprehensive hearing evaluations for all ages, utilizing techniques like soundfield testing and otoscopy.

About the service

Dr. Martinetti, Board Certified Audiologist, evaluates each patient with step-by-step Best Practice tests with a comprehensive history and treatment plan. It is advisable that the adult patients are accompanied by a friend or significant other for their first visit. Parents should bring their child without other siblings so they can be evaluated with their parent in the test room.

A comprehensive hearing evaluation will determine the type and extent of hearing loss that may require further medical intervention. Children generally have treatable temporary hearing loss and Dr. Martinetti will communicate to your child’s Pediatrician with a comprehensive report. Over 95% of adult hearing loss is treatable with hearing aids. Children occasionally need hearing aids and Dr. Martinetti has worked with children as a Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiologist for over 30 years.

What should I expect in my Initial Hearing Assessment?

Ear Canal Examination : Otoscopy

Dr. Martinetti will examine your ear canal with an Illuminating ENT surgeon microscope to remove any foreign body or wax before assessing your hearing. A Video Otoscope may also be used to take a picture before and after wax removal.

Case History with Hearing Survey for Treatment Goals

Dr. Martinetti will review your medical history as it relates to hearing loss ie: diabetes, high blood pressure, family history noise exposure, and other contributing factors. A standardized Hearing Survey will address your individual hearing treatment goals. Expectations of these goals will be determined by the diagnostic Best Practice hearing tests and Dr. Martinetti’s interpretation of these results.

Best Practice Step by Step Diagnostic Test’s


Hearing threshold testing: beeping sounds to evaluate the softest level one can hear and these span low, middle and high pitches marked on the audiogram with right (red 0s ) and left (blue Xs). These findings will signify the degree of loss: mild, moderate, severe, profound. This information is not a complete hearing assessment. Threshold testing is only a small part of one’s hearing, processing, auditory and cognitive ability.    

Speech understanding testing is one of the chief complaints of every patient. “I hear but there is very little clarity”. Best practice testing requires recorded standardized word testing where the patient repeats words that are amplified with the testing equipment at the Most Comfortable Listening Level (MCL). The MCL is determined by verified test research levels and the patient’s individual comfort level when the words are presented.

Speech In Noise Testing:  The Most Important Best Practice Test

The inability to hear the clarity of speech in noise is the most troubling complaint of almost every patient. Dr. Martinetti will use the QuickSIN test (speech in noise test) with various modifications to accurately assess your speech-in-noise ability. Dr. Martinetti may choose additional speech-in-noise tests to aid in assessing each patient’s ability to hear and process words and sentences in noise.  

Our Audiologist will patiently review your hearing assessment and discuss your hearing profile with individualized amplification solutions. The combined best practice test results will allow Dr. Martinetti to address and discuss realistic expectations that include your lifestyle needs.

Nicholas Amato

"I have been a patient at PJ Hearing for over 20 years.  Without question, they have helped me through difficult times with my hearing by supplying me with the latest hearing technology and the best care.  I recommend them without hesitation."

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