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"I have been a patient at PJ Hearing for over 20 years.  Without question, they have helped me through difficult times with my hearing by supplying me with the latest hearing technology and the best care.  I recommend them without hesitation."

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Systems

Are your hearing aid batteries lasting for shorter periods? Many batteries used to last a week or two. Today they may only last a couple of days. Port Jefferson Hearing offers a variety of advanced rechargeable hearing aid battery systems. Patients benefit from the choice of systems that meet their budget, ease of use, and demand for battery power use throughout the day.

Styletto Design is Transforming The Image of Hearing Aids

  • Nearly invisible hearing aids, sleek design
  • Elegant color combinations
  • Looks like a high-tech Bluetooth headset
  • Dust and moisture proof
  • Charging pod that lasts for 3 days – no plugs or cables – charge overnight for full day of power
  • Full remote control functionality via smart phone app

Signia Pure Charge&Go IX

Signia Xperience is the revolutionary platform with the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors that gives hearing aids a new sense to understand a wearer’s changing environment—even when moving.

  • Quick 30 minute charge lasts 7 hours
  • 4 Hour charge lasts at least 20 hours even with extended TV audio streaming
  • Integrated Litium Ion Cell lasts for Several Years
  • Charge with any USB device: laptop or car charger
  • Easy Induction charging so aids can be placed in any pocket in charger
  • Never think about batteries again

Signia Silk Charge&Go IX

Signia Silk is one of the world’s smallest hearing aids and gives you the confidence of knowing that no one even notices you’re wearing them. All models sit discreetly inside your ear.

  • Nearly Invisible Design: One of the world's smallest hearing aids, Signia Silk is designed for discretion, allowing users to wear them confidently without others noticing​​.
  • Instant Fit with Click Sleeves: Equipped with soft-silicone click sleeves that come in various sizes, Signia Silk provides a comfortable and secure fit without the need for custom-made housings, ensuring tailor-made comfort without the wait​​​​.
  • Crystal-clear Sound: Silk X hearing aids feature the Signia Xperience technology, delivering true-to-life sound quality. This ensures users can hear what matters most to them in every situation, including noisy environments​​​​.
  • Remote Control and Personal Support: Users can remotely control their Silk X hearing aids via the Signia app or the miniPocket accessory. This offers convenience and personal support at their fingertips, enabling adjustments to volume and settings discreetly​​​​.
  • TwinPhone Functionality: With the TwinPhone feature, users can hear phone calls in both hearing aids when the phone is held close to one ear, enhancing the phone call experience without direct music and TV streaming support​​​​.
  • Special Features for Single-sided Deafness: Signia Silk includes options for those with single-sided deafness, offering the world's first CIC (completely-in-canal) solution with CROS technology, allowing sound to be wirelessly transmitted from the unaidable ear to the better ear​​.

ReSound Nexia Recharger

Smallest and longest-lasting rechargeable solution. The portable case’s built in battery holds three full charges of power, giving you the freedom to charge anywhere.

ReSound Omnia Recharger

Hearing Aid Trials With No Financial Obligation

At Port Jefferson Hearing we believe the only way to know which hearing aid is right for you is to experience the benefits in your day-to-day life. That is why we created a hassle-free, no pressure process that truly puts you in the drivers seat.