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Our Hearing Aid Brands

If We Treated Glasses Like Hearing Aids
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Our Hearing Aid Brands

Phonak – ReSound – Oticon – Signia

Decades of Experience, Reliability, Features and Value – Dr. Martinetti

Port Jefferson Hearing is an authorized dealer for the four major hearing aid manufacturers. These hearing aid brands include: Signia (previously Siemens), ReSound, Oticon and Phonak. All hearing aid dispensing practices generally have one major brand they primarily recommend.

Dr. Martinetti is a Board Certified Audiologist and he primarily recommends Signia hearing aids. This recommendatioin is based on decades of experience, relability, features, and value.

Signia has been a pioneer in the hearing aid industry. Signia hearing aids inherited the Global Brand Name from its parent German corporation Siemens. Signia hearing aids deliver design innovation, recharge-ability, smart phone app control, streaming, and better overall hearing especially in noisy environments.

The Port Jefferson Hearing Test Drive

Dr. Martinetti believes that patients should "Test Drive" hearing aids at home, work, and play. There is absolutely no financial obligation – try before you buy. Signia hearing aids are highly customizable and therefore provide the patient with a wide range of options when "TEST DRIVING" their hearing aids.

No Hearing Aids? What's the worst that could happen...

Introducing Signia

Experience the Most Natural and Personalized Sound

Introducing Phonak

Hearing Instruments that Connect with "Smart Phones"

Introducing ReSound One

Guaranteed Best Pricing on Oticon OpnS™ - Long Island

Introducing Oticon

New Signia™ AX Hearing Aids

  • Aids automatically focus on Speech rather than Noise
  • Separate channels for speech and background noise
  • Improves directionality of sounds in your hearing soundscape
  • New Charge and Go Lithium Ion self contained battery lasts up to 20 -25 hours per charge
  • Stream to Android and I Phone

New Phonak™ Paradise

  • Crisp Natural Sound
  • Brilliant Speech Understanding
  • Personalized Noise Canceling
  • Streams to I Phone and Android

New ReSound One™ Hearing Aids

  • Two Microphones: In the ear canal and on Aid
  • Superior hearing in background noise
  • Stream to Android and I phone
  • ReSound 3D App with restaurant noise reduction
  • Rechargeable or battery models

New Oticon™ MORE

  • Deep Neural Network technology
  • Better Speech understanding with less effort
  • Delivers 30% more to the brain
  • Rechargeable Lion battery
  • Streams to I phone

Port Jefferson Hearing Princing Table

Please Note: Phonak: Additional $1,000 per Technology Level

Hearing Aid Brands


Port Jefferson Hearing Aid Brands

Wireless Hearing Instrument Systems that Connect: TVs, Cell & Land Phones, Remote Control Devices.

Hearing Aid Trials With No Financial Obligation

Hearing Aid Test Drive