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Hearing Loops

  • Hearing Loops at Airports
  • Hearing Loops at the Dinner Table
  • Hearing Loops at the movies and theater
  • Hearing Loops at Places of Worship
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Hearing Loops WiFi Streams Sounds to Your Hearing Aids

Hearing induction loop systems transmit sound wirelessly to the T coil imbedded in the hearing aid. The loop induction amplifier is connected to a cooper wire (Loop) which is installed in the floor of a church, auditorium, movie theater or museum. The sound source travels within the loop and the T coil receives the electromagnetic sound signal and changes back to clear amplified sound with the digital hearing aid circuitry.

The Loop is like "WI Fi" wirelessly broadcasting and received by the hearing aids making the hearing aids a personal wireless headphone system. The Hearing loop effectively takes the hearing aid microphone and puts it on the podium or TV speaker turning the hearing aids into personal wireless amplified speakers which are frequency shaped and custom programmed by the Audiologist.

Although the most advanced high technology hearing aids improve hearing in background noise they are not as efficient as a hearing loop induction system in large listening venues like churches or theaters. The distance from the sound source with background noise makes it very difficult to hear. The digital hearing aid equipped with the T Coil is the best personal sound amplifier especially when the Audiologist custom programs the T Coil.

Dr. Martinetti has the knowledge and experience to custom program the T Coil in the digital hearing aid to maximize your hearing experience. At Port Jefferson Hearing the T Coil is programmed while the patient listens to music or speech in quiet and background noise. The Hearing Loop experience is only as good as the quality of the T Coil and how it is programmed to the patient's individual hearing loss.

Benefits of Hearing Loops

  • Easy to Us
  • Great Sound
  • No Headset Needed
  • Eliminates Much of the Background Noise
  • Easily Understand more of the Words all of the Time
  • Access to Enjoy Listening in Large Venues

Hearing Loops Venues

  • Places of Worship
  • Meeting Rooms
  • "Live" Theaters
  • Movie Theaters
  • Museums
  • Transportation Centers
Hearing Loops for Houses of Worship

Home Hearing Loop Benefits for TV

  • Low Cost
  • Easy to Install
  • Enjoy TV without a headset
  • Improve speech clarity and understanding

Demonstration of Loop in Service

How to Install Hearing Loop for TV

Our Hearing Loop Services

  • Availability to Purchase "easy to install" home hearing loop systems.
  • Custom programming of T coil program while listening to music and or speech in quiet and background noise.
  • We are committed to serve as an advocate to promote hearing induction loops in public and private venues to create access for the hearing impaired.
  • We work with a major hearing induction loop installer to bring hearing loops to our community.

Covid -19 Policies-Procedures

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  • No Walk - Ins Allowed
  • All Office Visits Require Appointments
  • Repairs and Batteries Require Appointment time slot.
  • All scheduled patients are staggered so we have NO GROUPS of people in our waiting room (only 1 patient is seen for their time slot.)
  • Patients are scheduled 15 minutes Before and After each appointment.
  • All surface areas in the waiting room and bathroom are sanitized before and after each patient visit.
  • Face Masks are Required
  • Upon Arrival please call and wait in your car
  • We will greet you at the Front door
  • No gloves allowed
  • Hand sanitizer available upon entering office
  • Please bring a Pen


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