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Resound Nexia Hearing Aids

As a new entrant in the hearing industry, the Resound Nexia is garnering significant attention due to its state-of-the-art features and advanced technology.

An Overview

The Resound Nexia, introduced in September 2023, stands as a testament to the company's commitment towards innovation in hearing technology. The name 'Nexia' signifies the 'next step' in hearing aid evolution, particularly due to its advanced wireless connectivity capabilities. It combines the best features of Resound's previous flagship, the OMNIA, with new enhancements that cater to the growing needs of individuals with hearing impairment.

The Nexia Advantage

Nexia's most remarkable feature is its Bluetooth LE standard with Auracast broadcast audio technology, a first in the hearing aid industry. This technology allows the device to receive broadcasts from various sources, enabling users to hear in places like theaters, places of worship, airports, arenas, bars, and restaurants.

Models and Design

Nexia is initially launched in four Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) models. Among these, the Micro RIE is 25% smaller than the standard RIE and incorporates an accelerometer, a novel feature in hearing aids. It is designed for addressing mild-to-profound hearing losses and is user-friendly, specifically aimed at enhancing speech in noise.

Key Features of Resound Nexia

Here are the top-notch features of Resound Nexia that distinguishes it from its competitors:

  • Bluetooth LE 5.2 and Auracast
  • Sophisticated directional system
  • M&RIE receiver technology
  • Wireless audio streaming for Apple and Android
  • Smart 3D app
  • Tap controls for answering the phone
  • CROS/BiCROS system for people with unaidable single-sided hearing loss.

Understanding the Limitations

While Resound Nexia has many standout features, it does have a few limitations. For instance, it does not offer fitness and health tracking features like step counters or heart rate data. Moreover, it doesn't yet offer Behind-the-Ear (BTE) or In-the-Ear (ITE) custom hearing aid styles.

Nexia Models and Technology Levels

Nexia builds on the successful OMNIA line, sharing the same chipset. The only difference is that Nexia has an accelerometer for tap controls and new listening-in-noise benefits.

Nexia Micro RIE

The Nexia Micro RIE is equipped with a rechargeable feature, push-button controls, and no telecoil, making it compatible with Cochlear™ Nucleus® sound processors.

Nexia Micro RIE CROS

This model is also rechargeable, with push-button controls and no telecoil.

Nexia RIE 312 and Nexia RIE 13

These models are powered by disposable Size 312 and Size 13 batteries respectively. The RIE 13 model includes a telecoil.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming

Nexia hearing aids are compatible with both Apple and Android devices for audio streaming. With compatible Apple devices, Nexia serves as hands-free headsets, eliminating the need to speak into your phone during calls.

ReSound Smart 3D App

This free app available for download on your phone allows users to control various features of the hearing aid. It has a "Find My Hearing Aids" feature to help you locate your hearing aids if they're misplaced.

M&RIE Technology

Resound Nexia features the Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear (M&RIE) system, combining traditional hearing aid microphones with an additional in-ear microphone for natural sound capture.

Tap Controls

Nexia offers added convenience for answering phone calls with tap controls. This feature allows users to answer a call by double-tapping on their ear.

Nexia CROS and BiCROS Hearing Aids

The Nexia Micro RIE CROS system is designed for people experiencing unaidable hearing loss or deafness in one ear. It comprises two hearing aids - one acts as a transmitter, capturing sound from the deaf ear and transmitting it to the better ear, while the other plays back the received sound.

Battery Life and Chargers

Nexia reportedly offers 24 hours of typical use on one charge or 20 hours when streaming 50% of the time across all styles. The Micro RIE and CROS RIE offer the option of three different chargers.

What Makes Nexia Stand Out?

The introduction of Nexia is a significant step forward in auditory technology. The newly added Hearing in Noise program gives users unprecedented control in noisy environments. Moreover, the updated fitting software offers improved control, allowing clinicians to tailor the hearing aids more precisely to user needs.

In conclusion, Resound Nexia stands as a monumental advancement in hearing aid technology, offering a plethora of features that significantly enhance user experience.

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