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Hearing Aid Repairs

Authorized Hearing Aid Maintenance and Warranty Repairs

Port Jefferson Hearing Repairs These Hearing Aid Brands:

We Only Repair & Service Hearing Aids That Were Purchased From Our Office

Port Jefferson Hearing Repairs These Hearing Aid Brands
Port Jefferson Hearing Repairs These Hearing Aid Brands

In Office Repairs

  • Hearing Aid Cleaning
  • Clean & Check Ear Molds
  • Replace Domes, Filters, Receivers & Tubing
  • Impressions for Custom Ear Molds
  • Re-Programming

Out of Office Repairs
Loss Damage Insurance Availability

  • Rush Repair to Manufacturer
  • Warranty Included with Repairs
  • Hearing Aid Insurance for Hearing Aid Loss or Damage

Should I Repair My Hearing Aids
or Invest in New Ones?

    When to Repair Hearing Aids:

  • They are Less Than 3 Years Old
  • Intermittent Problems
  • Noticeable Distortion or Static
  • Overall hearing ability remains unchanged (following hearing evaluation) and noticeable change in ability to understand words.

    When to Consider
    Investing in New Hearing Aids:

  • They are More Than 4 Years Old
  • Insurance coverage is available to reap the benefits of the latest technology
  • Not Adequate for your Current Lifestyle Needs

Prevent Hearing Aid Repairs with These Products Available in Our Office

    Dry and Store

  • Effective Moisture Control
  • Dries cerumen, kills germs & deodorizes by moving heat and air with desiccant.

Port Jefferson Hearing Princing Table

Please Note: All Custom Hearing Aids: IIC, CIC, ITE Add $300 per set Signia Silk Charge & Go: add $300 each level

Covid -19 Policies-Procedures

Feel Safe and Comfortable with our Infection Control Program
Watch Our Covid 19 Infection Control Video

  • No Walk - Ins Allowed
  • All Office Visits Require Appointments
  • Repairs and Batteries Require Appointment time slot.
  • All scheduled patients are staggered so we have NO GROUPS of people in our waiting room (only 1 patient is seen for their time slot.)
  • Patients are scheduled 15 minutes Before and After each appointment.
  • All surface areas in the waiting room and bathroom are sanitized before and after each patient visit.
  • Face Masks are Required
  • Upon Arrival please call and wait in your car
  • We will greet you at the Front door
  • No gloves allowed
  • Hand sanitizer available upon entering office
  • Please bring a Pen


Hearing Aid Brands


Port Jefferson Hearing Aid Brands

Wireless Hearing Instrument Systems that Connect: TVs, Cell & Land Phones, Remote Control Devices.

Hearing Aid Trials With No Financial Obligation

Hearing Aid Test Drive