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If We Treated Glasses Like Hearing Aids
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Signia Xperience Hearing Aids

Your life doesn’t stand still. Whether you’re out jogging, chatting with friends or relaxing at home, 90% of your activities involve motion. And as you move, your acoustic environment changes.

This is why hearing can go from easy to nearly impossible in just a few seconds as you move from the quiet surroundings of your home or car to a busier, more acoustically challenging place such as a bustling shopping area.

Experience the Most Natural and Personalized Sound

New Signia X Hearing Aids

  • Motion Sensor Technology to improve hearing while moving
  • Aids automatically focus on Speech rather than Noise
  • Improves directionality of sounds in your hearing soundscape
  • Motion sensor technology is a More Natural Sound for improved speech clarity
  • Battery model has T Coil for use with Hearing Loops
  • New Charge and Go Lithium Ion self contained battery lasts up to 17-20 hours per charge

Style and Uncompromising Audiological Performance

  • The touchControl App is available as a free download for both iOS and Android devices via the App Store® or Google Play™.
  • Apple Store - Google Play

Hear What Matters to You

NEW Pure® Charge&Go X

The ultimate Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing aid thanks to Li-ion rechargeability and full connectivity.

  • Enhanced design – 16% smaller with a high-tech build and 20% extra Li-ion rechargeability
  • Bluetooth connectivity – Easy and carefree enjoyment of TV, music, and phone calls
  • Options – Available in 10 colors
  • Inductive charger – Dehumidifies, fits custom molds, and is backwards compatible with all Signia Li-ion inductive charging hearing aids
Portable Rechargeability

At Port Jefferson Hearing we want our patients to choose the most discreet hearing aid for their needs. Come compare models like the new Styletto hearing instrument.