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If We Treated Glasses Like Hearing Aids
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Signia Xperience Hearing Aids

Your life doesn’t stand still. Whether you’re out jogging, chatting with friends or relaxing at home, 90% of your activities involve motion. And as you move, your acoustic environment changes.

This is why hearing can go from easy to nearly impossible in just a few seconds as you move from the quiet surroundings of your home or car to a busier, more acoustically challenging place such as a bustling shopping area.

The Revolutionary Signia Active Pro Earbuds

Signia Active and PRO Price Chart

Signia Active Price Chart

Signia Assistant

Artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows the Signia Hearing aid wearer to make live hearing aid adjustments in real time and much more
  • Settings tailored to your personal preferences for an even clearer sound and best speech comprehension in every situation.
  • Answers to your questions about how to handle your hearing aids so you can easily recall every detail discussed during your appointment.
  • Highly intuitive 24/7 support whenever you need it.
  • Confidence and control over your hearing success

Port Jefferson Hearing has added Lantos Ear Scanner

Benefits of Lantos Ear Scanner

  1. Captures Ear Impressions less than 2 minutes per with improved comfort
  2. No More silicone impressions
  3. Significantly improved Earmold Fit to reduce risk of feedback
  4. Digital Impressions are Stored in a Cloud To Order any type of Custom Product:
  • Hearing Aid Earmolds
  • In the Ear Hearing Aids
  • Custom Plugs for:
  • Hearing Protection: Noise/Music
  • Sleep
  • Music Monitors
  • Electronic Noise Reduction for Hunters

Low Cost Affordable
Hearing Aid Leasing

  • Down Payment Required
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Re-lease after 3 years or Buy Out Options available
  • Good opportunity to try the Best Hearing Aid Technology
Portable Rechargeability

Signia Active and Active Pro

Bluetooth Earbud Hearing Aids

Port Jefferson Hearing is Bridging the Gap Between Consumer Electronics with Best Practice Hearing Aid Fitting

  • Pocket size Charger
  • 25 Hours of hearing aid use and streaming
  • Stream phone calls, music, podcasts and more ...
  • Signia App to control amplification and streaming
  • Best Practice Hearing Aid programming by
  • Dr. Martinetti, Board Certified Audiologist

Hear What Matters to You

NEW Pure® Charge&Go X

The ultimate Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing aid thanks to Li-ion rechargeability and full connectivity.

  • Enhanced design – 16% smaller with a high-tech build and 20% extra Li-ion rechargeability
  • Bluetooth connectivity – Easy and carefree enjoyment of TV, music, and phone calls
  • Options – Available in 10 colors
  • Inductive charger – Dehumidifies, fits custom molds, and is backwards compatible with all Signia Li-ion inductive charging hearing aids
Portable Rechargeability

Stylish High-Tech Hearing

Styletto Design is Transforming The Image of Hearing Aids

  • Now with Bluetooth – Styletto Connect
  • Nearly invisible hearing aids, sleek design
  • Elegant color combinations
  • Looks like a high-tech Bluetooth headset
  • Dust and moisture proof
  • Charging pod that lasts for 3 days – no plugs or cables – charge overnight for full day of power
  • Full remote control functionality via smart phone app

At Port Jefferson Hearing we want our patients to choose the most discreet hearing aid for their needs. Come compare models like the new Styletto hearing instrument.

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Port Jefferson Hearing Aid Brands

Wireless Hearing Instrument Systems that Connect: TVs, Cell & Land Phones, Remote Control Devices.

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