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Unitron Hearing Aids

Dr. Martinetti is an authorized dealer for Unitron Hearing Instruments. Unitron is an innovative company that was the first to offer trial hearing instruments with "Unitron FlexTrial".

Unitron Flex Trial hearing instruments?

What are Flex Trial hearing instruments? All hearing aids are designed to offer Basic, Advanced, or Premium technology. The best technology for an individual's hearing loss can vary according to one's budget or hearing lifestyle.

Unitron Flex Trial Instruments

  • Hearing instrument a patient can "Test Drive" at home.
  • Technology level can be changed so the patient can try Basic, Advanced or Premium Hearing instruments.
  • Comparing technology levels while "Test Driving" at home is the best way to choose a hearing instrument that is suitable for the consumer.
  • Flex hearing instrument can be upgraded to a more advanced hearing instrument within 12 months of the initial purchase. A more advanced hearing aid may be necessary and changing to different technology level does not incur the price of a new aid.

Moxi All Hearing Instruments

  • Wireless streaming to Android or IPhone mobile phones.
  • Answer phone calls with streaming to the ear with the best understanding.
  • Connects to all cell phones – not just iPhones.
  • Remote Plus and U Control App: Patient information is sent to Dr. Martinetti to share in-the moment impressions. This shared information keeps Dr Martinetti informed of how the patient is doing to prepare for any adjustments required at the follow up appointment.
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Unitron U Control App
Unitron U Control App
Unitron Moxi connects to all Mobile Phones, TVs
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Apple iPhone and Android Logos