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One Visit to Fit Hearing Aids, Wear at Home , Risk FREE Try Before You Buy

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TeleAudiology Remote Hearing Aid Service Via Your Mobile Phone

A Board Certified Audiologist in Your Pocket
Using Signia Telecare

Virtual Remote Programming Assist

At Port Jefferson Hearing we strive to bring the latest breakthrough technology to our patients. Remote programming assist is now available at Port Jefferson Hearing.

  • Your Hearing aids are paired to our office PC via your smart phone with The Signia App
  • A Secure HIPPA compliant personal Portal Is created for You
  • This connection from Our PC allows Dr. Martinetti to make adjustments directly to your hearing aids via your SmartPhone, iPhone Or Android.
  • No Need for multiple office visit adjustments.

Zoom TeleHealth Hearing Consultation
Free Service for New Patients

What is Our TeleHealth Zoom Hearing Consultation?
Dr. Martinetti, Board Certified Audiologist will provide a One-on-One TeleHealth Hearing Consultation for New patients.

What are the Benefits of our Zoom Virtual Consultation?

  • Answer questions about your Hearing Healthcare concerns
  • Review Your Hearing Healthcare History before your first visit
  • Discuss our Gold Standard Hearing Testing and Best Practices Hearing Aid Fitting Program
  • Review Our TeleAudiology Virtual Remote Hearing aid Fitting program to limit office visits
  • Review Hearing Aid models Options/Pricing
    • See what hearing aids look like
    • See how easily rechargeable hearing aids can be
  • Explain our “Try Before You Buy“, “Risk Free” Hearing Aid Program

How Easy is A Virtual Zoom Consultation?

CLICK HERE to Download Zoom Instructions

  1. Call our office 631-331-1888 to make your Virtual Zoom Appointment
  2. You will need a laptop, desktop or Smart phone With a camera
  3. We will send a secured link invitation via eMail
  4. Simply click the link & follow instructions to check your computer Audio/Microphone and join the Meeting.

Benefits of Our TeleAudiology Remote Hearing Aid Service:

  • Less scheduled office visits: At the First visit we fit Demo hearing aids with “Real Ear Fitting State of the Art “ fitting procedures. Take home hearing aids to “Try Before You Buy”
  • Remote tuning of your hearing aids: Hearing aid adjustments as needed are made via your smart phone linked to our PC.
  • Remote Video Chat and Messaging: Counseling and Trouble shooting easily solved with our Video Chat service while “Test Driving Hearing Aids”
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Policies & Procedures: Please No Walk Ins, Scheduled Appointments Only for ANY Office Visit.

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TeleAudiology – Hearing Aid Video Chat

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TeleAudiology Hearing Aid Video Chat