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Signia-Siemens Hearing Instruments & Hearing Aids

NX (Natural Experience Technology) Signia Hearing Instruments

Port Jefferson Hearing is an authorized dealer for Signia-Siemens hearing instruments and hearing aids. Invisible in the Canal (IIC) hearing aid demos are now available: Signia Silk: IIC. Telecare Virtual Remote Audiology Concierge Service is available with all Signia Hearing Instruments.

New "NX" Technology

  • World's First Own Voice Program to dramatically improve a more natural own voice experience
  • Significanty reduces the "Amplified Echo or Tin Can Own Voice Effect" with OVP™
  • Most Advanced Soundscape technology to provide clear speech understanding and a more natural impression even in the loudest situations.
  • Significantly improves hearing in background Noise.
  • Own Voice is more natural.
  • Natural Sound as Nature Intended

Watch Video about "NX" Technology

Key Features Of Signia-Siemens NX and Primax Technologies

  • Significantly improves hearing in background noise
  • Wireless ear to ear technology
  • Own Voice is more natural
  • Wireless Ultra HD binaural beam forming to hear speech even in the loudest situations
  • Apple Store - Google Play
  • Smart Phone "MyHearing App" for wireless control of hearing aid features: I Phone™ or Android™
  • Stream to Smart phone to answer or receive calls
  • Stream from TV to hearing instruments wirelessley – New: Digital Dolby™ Stereo Sound
  • Rechargability: 20+ hours per day battery lasts up to 3 to 4 years; See Rechargeable Hearing Batteries for more info.

Benefits of Signia Demo Hearing Aids

Signia Silk and Traditional Small Over-the-ear Hearing Aids:

  • Can be fit on first hearing aid fitting appointment
  • Same demos can be programmed from basic technology to upgrade to advanced or premium technology. This trial comparison allows patients to compare Basic VS Premium hearing aids during the risk-free "Test Drive Hearing Aid Demo Program"
  • Smallest silk aids have comfortable soft disposable insertion tip

OVP™ (Own Voice Processing Technology)

This breakthrough technology significantly improves the quality of one's own voice while wearing hearing aids. Signia OVP™ is available on the New NX platform. It maintains the natural sound of your own voice.

Signia NX Technologies
Signia NX Technology

Signia Silk IIC & CIC Hearing Aids

Signia Silk Nx on Table Top
Signia Silk Nx on Table Top

Signia Silk, The Ultimate in Discretion
Signia's new Silk is 20 percent smaller than its predecessor, making it practically invisible in the ear.

Click, Fit, and Go
Available in different sizes, the silicone sleeves simply click onto Silk hearing aids and sit securely in the ear for a completely natural, perfect fit on the spot. Unlike other in-the-ear hearing aids, you don't have to wait for a custom-made housing.

Clear Color Coding
The color coding of red for right and blue for left helps you put each hearing aid in the correct ear easily.

Signia Silk IIC & CIC Hearing Aids

Styletto Design is Transforming The Image of Hearing Aids

  • Now with Bluetooth – Styletto Connect
  • Nearly invisible hearing aids, sleek design
  • Elegant color combinations
  • Looks like a high-tech Bluetooth headset
  • Dust and moisture proof
  • Charging pod that lasts for 3 days – no plugs or cables – charge overnight for full day of power
  • Full remote control functionality via smart phone app

Stylish High-Tech Hearing

Now with Bluetooth Styletto Connect
Styletto Portable Rechargeability
Portable Rechargeability


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At Port Jefferson Hearing we want our patients to choose the most discreet hearing aid for their needs. Come compare models like the tiny Silk IIC or CIC models with over the ear hearing instruments.