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Introducing ReSound LiNX Quattro™
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Dr. Martinetti is a Board Certified Doctor of Audiology located in Port Jefferson, Suffolk County. He is an authorized dealer for ReSound hearing instruments. Their advanced wireless connectivity is exemplified in the groundbreaking ReSound LiNX Quattro™ made for smart phone technology.

"Smart and Personalized Hearing" is the essence of the new ReSound LiNX Quattro™ technology. Although these are the most advanced hearing instruments that connect with "Smart Phones" they are truly remarkable hearing instruments for people that may have Mild to Profound Hearing Loss. Smart 3D Hearing adapts to you and your lifestyle.

Hearing Instruments that Connect with "Smart Phones"

Benefits of ReSound LiNX Quattro™
with 3D Technology

  • Smart Hearing™ in a small hearing aid
  • Improved Hearing in Background Noise
  • Stream directly from Apple iPhone or iPad
  • Connect Bluetooth enabled Phones using Phone Clip+
  • Most advanced Apps for Smart Phone

Benefits of ReSound Wireless
Digital Hearing Aid Accessories

ReSound Unite TV Accessory
ReSound Unite TV Accessory

Is it difficult to understand the TV?

Use our Unite TV accessory. With the ReSound Unite® TV you can stream stereo and TV sounds to your hearing aids automatically up to 30 feet. It’s portable allowing you to enjoy TV and stereo anywhere.

  • Hear TV clearly while conversing with others in the room
  • TV volume remains at a normal level for others
  • You control your volume independently
  • Custom program your TV hearing aid program for fidelity and clarity

ReSound LiNX Quattro™ allows seamless connectivity to Smart Phones.

  • Significant improvement in background noise
  • Lithium rechargeable batteries last up to 24 hours on one charge
  • Call to learn more about ReSound LiNX Quattro™
ReSound Apollo Charger
ReSound Apollo Charger
  • Wireless connectivity to IPhone® & Android® Phones.
  • Talk on the phone and hear distinctly in both ears
  • Never take your hearing aids out again to use the phone
  • Hands free streaming while driving
  • Available for IPhone® & Android® Smart Phones
ReSound MultiMic on Table
ReSound MultiMic on Table
Pricing Chart
ReSound Verso
ReSound Verso
ReSound Unite Remote Control 2
ReSound Unite Remote Control

Do you need easier controls for your hearing instruments and don't have a smart phone?

Use the ReSound Unite® Remote Control. With the ReSound Unite® Remote Control, you can easily control your hearing aids and accessories. A visual interface gives you a clear overview of the current volume and program settings of your hearing aids. Overview, control and discretion – all in one.

  • Remote to change programs and volume
  • Small with visual display program option
  • Stream TV
  • Hearing aid functions, for users with limited dexterity
  • Stream Mini Mic
  • Rechargeable
ReSound Mini Mic Wireless Hearing Device
ReSound Mini Mic Wireless Hearing Device

Do you need to extend
the distance and/or clarity of speech?

Use the ReSound Mini Microphone.  With the ReSound Unite® Mini Microphone, you don’t have to worry about the noise around you. The ReSound Unite® Mini Microphone streams voices and sounds directly to your hearing aids – so you can just relax, and enjoy. Simply place it in front of the sound source or clip it on to the speaker you wish to hear.

  • Improves speech understanding in very noisy environments
  • Hear passengers in the back of the car
  • Hear the tour guide 60 feet away

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