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Virtual Audiology Remote Hearing Aid Service

Dr. John Martinetti - Jun 15, 2018
Virtual Audiology Remote Hearing Aid Service hearing aid dispensers

Audiologist In Your Pocket

At Port Jefferson Hearing we strive to bring the latest Breakthrough technology to our patients. Remote programming assistance is now available at Port Jefferson Hearing.

What is Remote Programming?

When our patients take home their hearing aids for the first time we pair their aids to an App on their cell phone and create a Portal on our office PC. This connection between our Portal and the patient's cell phone allows us to remotely log into the patient’s cell phone and adjust their hearing aids when needed.

Signia/Siemens Telecare has many advantages

  1. The patent can do daily listening exercises on their "MyHearing APP". These exercises my involve How one is doing in Background Noise. The Patient rates their performance and this information is seen on the Portal by the Audiologist.
  2. Video Chat or Text Messaging is available for both the patient and the Audiologist to communicate issues that may occur while "Test Driving Hearing Aids".
  3. Office hours for your Virtual Audiologist are posted on the patient's App to allow time for solving issues which may include remote programming on the patient’s hearing aids or a Video chat.

Benefits of Telecare Virtual Audiology Remote Service

  1. Snowbirds do not have to worry about who is going to assist them if problems arise when they are away from home for the Winter Months.
  2. Any patient that may be a distance from our office and cannot make the long drive will now have the ability to purchase and have the convenience of our Virtual Remote service.
  3. Less Scheduled Office Visits Needed. New patients that may need immediate assistance with many of the common issues that arise when initially trying out their new hearing aids will have the peace of mind to communicate with our Audiologist.

Dr. Martinetti, Board Certified Audiologist at Port Jefferson Hearing introduced several years ago:

“Hearing Aid Test Drive Trial” which allows his patients to be fitted with hearing aids and take Home these aids without financial obligation

Dr. Martinetti at Port Jefferon Hearing now Introduces:

"Virtual Audiology Remote Hearing Aid Service"

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Wireless Hearing Instrument Systems that Connect: TVs, Cell & Land Phones, Remote Control Devices.

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