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Audiology Private Hearing Aid Dispenser V.S. ENT Hearing Aid Dispenser

Dr. John Martinetti - Sep 29, 2016
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"Is my Doctor Exploiting the Trust and Confidence I place in him as the Trusting Patient?"


If your Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor does not give you a list of at least 3 names of local Licensed Hearing Aid dispensers. The highest standard of care is the Doctor of Audiology.
The Audiologists in the ENT doctor's office work for the doctor. The doctor and the dispensing audiologist both profit from the hearing aid sale.

Why the patient - consumer may not want to buy hearing aids from an ear, nose and throat hearing aid dispensing practice.

  1. The ENT practice may not offer or try on several hearing aid brands.
  2. The ENT practice may charge a fee if the hearing aids are returned.
  3. The ENT practice may charge expensive office follow up fees to adjust your hearing aids in the future. It is normal to require multiple adjustments even after a year or more of wearing a hearing aid.
  4. The consumer-patient should reflect on the powerful effect of Trust and Confidence with the doctor that treats your medical condition.
  5. The question that all hearing impaired patients should ask themselves when the ENT doctor directly refers to his employee audiologist...
    "Is my doctor exploiting the Trust and Confidence I place in him as the trusting patient?"

In New York State the law is clear on prohibiting any physician from profiting more than 5% on a hearing aid sale. Many Doctors may be making more than 5%.
The ENT doctor should provide the names of at least 3 dispensing hearing health care providers not affiated with his business.
Your doctor of audiology is the "Gold Standard" choice for your hearing healthcare. A doctor of audiology, (Au.D.) has eight years of advanced education in an accredited college and must pass a standardized, national competency test. Annual continuing education units are required. When it comes to your hearing, ask an expert. Ask your certified doctor of audiology in Port Jefferson NY

We will price match plus additional 15 percent discount with any hearing aid quote from ENT hearing aid Dispensing practice.

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