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  • Custom Fit Ear Buds
  • Custom Fit Ear Buds
  • Custom Fit Ear Buds
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Custom Fit Hearing and Ear Protection Earplugs

Your hearing is valuable. Protect it! Hearing loss from noise exposure is preventable. Approximately 36 million Americans have hearing loss and 33% is related to noise exposure. We perform in-house hearing tests to diagnose a noise induced hearing loss. Dr. Martinetti, Board Certified Audiologist, will then prescribe the best custom hearing protection device that fits your individual needs.

Our Hearing Protection
Products & Services

  • Custom Fit Musicians Ear Plugs – 9, 15, or 25 dB Filters
  • Industrial Noise Protection Solutions
  • Hunters Electronic and Passive Noise Canceling Devices
  • Motorcycle Hearing Protection
  • Custom Headphones
  • Custom Ear Buds for all MP3 Players, iPods and Apple Products
  • Wireless Music Related Products
  • Floating Swimming Ear Molds – Custom Molded in all Colors
  • Comfortable Molded Earplugs for Snorers (or their spouses!)
  • 30 Years Experience Taking Ear Impressions
  • Authorized Dealer for Top Manufactures like Westone and Microsonic

Hearing Protection Tips

    For Music Lovers

  • Keep the volume comfortable and never higher than 50% volume
  • Limit your listening time
  • If others can hear your music while you listen thru your ear buds: Your Volume is Dangerously High!

    For Recreational Firearms

  • Always wear custom hearing protection and electronic earmuffs
  • Choose a lower caliber when target shooting
  • When hunting use an electronic hunting hearing protection device

High Risk Groups

  • Contractors and Exposure to Industrial Noise
  • Dentists
  • Target Shooters and Hunters
  • Motorcycle Riders
  • Musicians and Concert Attendees
  • iPOD and Personal Listening Device Users
  • Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots
  • Swimming
  • Children and Adults with Perforated Eardrums

Noise Thermometerâ„¢

Noise Thermometerâ„¢
Noise Thermometerâ„¢

Frequently Asked Questions about Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Protecting Your Hearing

  • How does loud and intense noise cause hearing loss?

    Intense loud sounds damage the hair cells in the inner ear (cochlea) and this if often a permanent nerve hearing loss.

  • What Sounds are Harmful?

    Sounds are measured in decibels. Loud sounds, 85dB or higher can cause permanent noise induced hearing loss. Loud "one time" explosions or impulse sound from firearms can cause immediate hearing loss. A leaf blower, at 115 decibels, can damage unprotected hearing in just 30 seconds. See Noise Thermometer Above.

  • What are the symptoms of noise induced hearing loss?

    • Muffled sounds
    • Difficulty hearing young children or women’s voices
    • Lacking clarity of speech
    • Difficulty hearing in background noise
    • Ringing in the ears
  • Which professional is the most qualified to help you with hearing protection?

    The Doctor of Audiology is the most qualified and experienced hearing healthcare provider to test and care for your noise induced hearing loss.

  • Should I test my teenager's hearing?

    Yes, noise induced hearing loss among teenagers today is 30% higher than 10 years ago. Listening to iPods and MP3 players at high volume can lead to hearing loss. This is often exacerbated by long listening durations.

  • Should I test my hearing if I have been exposed to loud noise?

    Yes, especially if you are in a "high risk" group. The test is easy and inexpensive. Do not risk a lifetime of hearing loss.