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Primax “Best Sound Technology” Port Jefferson Hearing is an authorized dealer for Siemens Hearing instruments. Siemens has introduced Primax “Best Sound Technology” to dramatically improve hearing in the presence of background noise. Primax binaural narrow adaptive directionality is available in (RIC) hearing instruments and custom hearing instruments. The videos below demonstrate the Primax “smart” hearing instruments in background noise and in the presence of wind.

Port Jefferson Hearing is an Authorized Dealer for Siemens Hearing Instruments.

Siemens Hearing Instruments Testimonial Video

Download Video: Closed Format: "MP4" Open Format: "OGV"

Key Features of Siemens Primax Hearing Instruments
Siemens Primax Hearing Instruments

    Smart Phone Wireless Streaming

  • Significantly improves hearing in background noise
  • Wireless ear to ear technology
  • Smart Phone App for iPhone™ or Android™
  • Apple Store - Google Play
  • IIC (Invisible In the Canal Aids)
    Now Bluetooth availability only by Siemens; Control Volume and stream to TV or Smart Phone
  • Stream to smart phone to answer or receive calls
  • Stream from TV to hearing instruments wirelessly
  • Rechargeable hearing batteries
    • No need to take out battery: Replace once a year
    • Hearing aid is easily inserted and removed from charger
    • Batteries can last up to 16 hours per day
    • See   Rechargeable Hearing Batteries   for more info
  • Siemens Bluetooth accessories available
  • Siemens Primax Recharger

              Hearing Aid Charger

  • Stream TV to hearing instruments
  • Stream Smart Phone to hearing aids
Siemens Primax Hearing Instruments

The “Sound Demo Suite” enables us to create a Brand New Unique Virtual “Real World Hearing Aid “Demo experience.

  • Wearing Primax Hearing aid Demo choose and compare 3 levels of technology with various real life noise environments
  • Experience the Hearing Aid Clarity and reduced background noise in the car in any seat
  • Experience High Definition Music
  • Take home a set of Primax Demos or Brand New Primax Hearing Aids that you select from the “Sound Demo Suite Experience and “Test Drive” in the LifeStyle of Your Real World

Friends and Family Referral Rewards Program

As a satisfied patient we believe your recommendations to share your renewed ”Joy” of hearing is a powerful statement. When you refer a friend or family member with a hearing loss you will, in many cases, be changing their quality of thier life.

Every Friend or Family member referred will receive a $250 Coupon toward the purchase of their Hearing Instruments. In addition as a way of saying “Thank You” we will send an American Express or Visa Gift Card to you with our pesonal note expressing our sincere appreciation of you kind referrral.

Benefits of our Friends and Family Referral Rewards Program

  • Friends or Family members referred will receive a $250 coupon toward purchase of a set of Hearing Instruments.
  • Patient referring will receive an American Express or Visa Gift card when referring a Friend or Family member that purchases hearing instruments.
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