Authorized Hearing Aid
Maintenance and Warranty Repairs

Michelle Shortle Office Manager
Port Jefferson Hearing Repairs These Hearing Aid Brands:

ReSound    Unitron    Phonak
Widex       Oticon    Signia-Siemens

Maintenance Logos
In Office Repairs
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning
  • Clean & Check Ear Molds
  • Replace Domes, Filters, Receivers & Tubing
  • Impressions for Custom Ear Molds
  • Re-Programming
Out of Office Repairs/Loss Damage Insurance Availability
  • Rush Repair to Manufacturer
  • Warranty Included with Repairs
  • Hearing Aid Insurance for Hearing Aid Loss or Damage

Friends and Family Referral Rewards Program

As a satisfied patient we believe your recommendations to share your renewed ”Joy” of hearing is a powerful statement. When you refer a friend or family member with a hearing loss you will, in many cases, be changing their quality of thier life.

Every Friend or Family member referred will receive a $250 Coupon toward the purchase of their Hearing Instruments. In addition as a way of saying “Thank You” we will send an American Express or Visa Gift Card to you with our pesonal note expressing our sincere appreciation of you kind referrral.

Benefits of our Friends and Family Referral Rewards Program

  • Friends or Family members referred will receive a $250 coupon toward purchase of a set of Hearing Instruments.
  • Patient referring will receive an American Express or Visa Gift card when referring a Friend or Family member that purchases hearing instruments.

Should I Repair My Hearing Aids or Invest in New Ones?

Should I repair or invest? When to Repair Hearing Aids:
  • They are Less Than 3 Years Old
  • Intermittent Problems
  • Noticeable Distortion or Static
  • Overall hearing ability remains unchanged (following hearing evaluation) and noticeable change in ability to understand words.
When to Consider Investing in New Hearing Aids:
  • They are More Than 4 Years Old
  • Insurance coverage is available to reap the benefits of the latest technology
  • Not Adequate for your Current Lifestyle Needs
Examples of Latest State of the Art Hearing Aid Technology
  • Improvements in ability to understand speech in “Background Noise”
  • Wireless Stereo TV Listening
  • High Fidelity Music Experience
  • Wireless Hands Free Cell Phone Use
  • Smartphone applications to stream wirelessly (Many others apps available)
Apple® iPhone & Android® ReSound Control Apps
  • Music Library
  • Pandora
  • MapQuest Voice
  • Audio for Watching Movies
  • Remote Programs and Volume on hearing aids

Prevent Hearing Aid Repairs with These Products Available in Our Office

Dry & Store Dry & Store
  • Effective Moisture Control
  • Dries cerumen, kills germs & deodorizes by moving heat and air with desiccant.
Ear Gear Ear Gear
  • Ear Gear protects and secures expensive BTE hearing instruments
  • For children and adults during sporting events, outdoors, or in the workplace
  • Protects hearing instruments from dirt, moisture without inhibiting sound.
Sweat Bands Hearing Aid Sweat Bands
  • Keeps moisture and dust out of BTE hearing instruments but does not inhibit sound
  • Easy to Install
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